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Proxy Activation Guide


1.1 Please login to the client area and follow this link (If you purchased shared proxies):

1.2 Please login to the client area and follow this link (If you purchased dedicated proxies):

2. As you can see in the below screenshot click on the “Proxy Provisioning Link” (Highlighted in Red color)

Proxy Provisioning Link














3. After click on the ”Proxy Provisioning Link” it’ll open the next page which is the “Active Proxy Packages” page you can see below in the screenshot.

4. And there are 2 text links and an icon which are “View” and “Select

5. Click on the “Select” link then it’ll open the next page which is the “Select Proxy” where you can select your proxy list by location.

Proxies selection














6. In the “Select Proxy” page you’ll see the available locations that you can choose proxies from.

7. Proxies from each location is selected automatically for you but you can select different number of proxies from each location by simply changing the numbers you see in those boxes (when you change the numbers make sure the number which you see in the last box is Zero because it can’t be a minus or a plus value)

8. Then finally click on the “Add My Proxy List” button which you can see in the below screenshot then it’ll open the next page which is “(x) Private Proxies – Proxy List” on that page you’ll find your proxy list with proxies from the locations you selected.

Adding Proxies to the link













9. In the below screenshot you’ll see the ”(x) Private Proxies – Proxy List” page from here you can highlight and copy paste it to your software or web browser (now your proxies are available but still your IP address is not authorized to use them) please follow the next step which you can see in the next screenshot to Authorize your IP address, if you purchased a package larger than 15 proxies please use the “<< Prev Page or Next Page >>” buttons to see the rest of your proxies.

Displaying selected proxies
























10. Now you’re back to the screen where you saw before and after selecting your proxies now you need to Authorize your IP (at this moment in the Authenticate IP field you’ll see a message says “isn’t authenticated yet“) now click “Authenticate My IP” button which located to your left hand side and then it’ll update the “isn’t authenticated yet” field with your IP address as you can see in the next screenshot.  

IP Authentication














11. In the below screenshot you will see that both Your IP in Green color and Authenticated IP in Blue color  have the same IP address, now your proxies will be activated within 2 – 3 minutes ready to use and Authorized.

12. Special note: For security reasons proxy “Ports“ will be updating time to time when that happens you’ll see 404 errors for some proxies if that happens please login to the client area and download the updated proxy list before contacting us for support then all your proxies will work fine again as before.

IP Authenticated














13. To Authorize the IP if you have Dynamic IPs.

Authenticated IP














14. To change your proxies after using them for 30 days.

Change Proxies List